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A comparison of the other agencies to our agencies for the Supervisor Training Program requires or suggests that we set goals, objectives, and action items were necessary to achieve the desired goals.

A great deal of Supervisor training exists, especially at an awareness/introductory level, and some supervisors have taken the initiative to obtain training in their current position, some supervisors have taken steps and outside training that’s beyond the scope of the current compliance requirements, while others are still striving to meet minimum training requirements. As a result, personnel are trained in varying degrees. In general terms, some objectives and action items are aimed at fostering continued development of these awareness-level training efforts.

Additional objectives and action items for Supervisor training lay a foundation for supporting qualification of minimal management / response personnel by ensuring that qualification guidelines and sufficient instructors and course offerings are available to train these personnel. Objectives and action items currently focus on bring up the current staff and reaching and implementation of the Supervisor Training Program for Light Rail, including the sustained and enhanced proficiency of the Supervisor Staff.

This training will focus on the following:

  • Understanding Zero Harm
  • Leading Zero Harm Change
    • Techniques of leading with safety
    • Reinforcing and building accountability
    • Four Keys to Effective Administrative Rounding
      1. Commitment
      2. Observation
      3. Approach-ability
      4. Building Trust
    • Leading Safety Conversations
    • Methods to find and fix problems
    • Introduction into Error Prevention Tools and Techniques
      • Personal, Customer and Team Safety
      • Clear and Complete Respectful Communication
      • Have a Questioning Attitude
      • Pay Attention to Detail

Here at Transit 2 Safety we pride ourselves in safety and preventing future accidents, we would enjoy coming out to your agency and going over our training methods. We can help you in revamping your training materials, and helping your training development team.

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