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Mitigating Safety


Detailed information about applications of each strategy, refer to the section numbers listed in our training module. Transit agencies and stakeholders reported the details of this module, here are some of the detail information in this module:
• Purpose – The reason or objective for implementing the strategy/application.
• Description – A brief description of the application.
• Effectiveness – Reported effectiveness of the application. Reported in terms of a subjective rating or other comment regarding the effectiveness of success of an application. As the strategies are rarely evaluated empirically and in the absence of quantitative measures of effectiveness such as collision rates, these subjective ratings and comments could be thought of as surrogate measures of effectiveness. Agencies and stakeholders were asked to report the “effectiveness” or “success” of their applications in terms of – Reducing the frequency of bus-and-pedestrian collisions, – Reducing the severity of bus-and-pedestrian collisions, – Reducing claims, – Gaining bus operator acceptance

Here are some of the strategies within this training module:
Strategy 1: Operator Training
Strategy 2: Operator Outreach
Strategy 3: Safety Checks
Strategy 4: Defensive-Driving Techniques and Policies
Strategy 5: Bus Mirror Configuration and Placement
Strategy 6: Bus Stop Location Planning and Bus Stop Design

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