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Amputee injured by subway says MTA ‘turned its back on safety’

By Kathianne Boniello and Isabel Vincent


A Brazilian architectural student whose arm and leg were severed by a Brooklyn subway train is now seeking to shame the MTA into installing straphanger-saving barriers.

Transit officials know that in the past 15 years as many as 750 people have died on the tracks, and more than 1,000 have suffered catastrophic injuries, yet the officials “have turned their back on safety,” Luisa Harger, 21, bravely argues in a negligence lawsuit she filed last week.

Unwilling to install barriers and other safety structures on subway platforms, New York City Transit and the MTA must “take responsibility for the horrific trail of dead bodies and ruined lives,” Harger says.

Roughly 50 people a year are fatally struck by trains.

But the system is so sprawling that it could take $1 billion to install barriers, according to a 2013 estimate.

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