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Arbinger’s training programs


Arbinger’s training programs enable participants to uncover the root cause of the Inward Mindset and explore the implications and impact of this mindset in their work. The training experience then equips participants to develop an Outward Mindset and begin, with practical strategies and tools, to implement an Outward Mindset approach in their work. Arbinger’s training programs can be delivered by Arbinger facilitators and/or client employees who are trained and licensed to deliver Arbinger’s programs within their organizations.

Training Solutions

  • Developing an Outward Mindset ™ (1 day)
  • Implementing an Outward Mindset (1 day)
Suggested level: Executives, Leaders, and Staff

In these workshops participants learn the difference between an Inward Mindset and an Outward Mindset and discover the extent to which they have been operating and leading from an Inward Mindset. This discovery awakens within participants a desire to change to an Outward Mindset approach. Participants utilize a series of frameworks, maps, and tools to move to an Outward Mindset way of working. As a result, participants begin working in a far more collaborative manner and become focused on achieving results that are important to the organization as a whole. Participants develop a mentality of responsibility in their work rather than one of blame. This collective application across participants throughout the organization enables the organization to achieve breakthrough results and experience substantial and sustainable improvements in key areas such as leadership development, team effectiveness, customer satisfaction, change management, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

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