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Barcelona train crash leaves at least 56 injured


A Spanish commuter train crashed into a buffer early Friday at a station in northeastern Barcelona, tossing passengers to the floor and leaving 56 people injured, officials said.

Regional health chief Antoni Comi said 54 people in all received medical treatment, with 51 taken to city hospitals. He said just one person was seriously injured.

“When the train arrived at Francia station, it applied the brakes, but at the same time it made a noisy crash,” said Said Saharaui, a passenger on the train.

“The passengers were thrown to the floor,” he said. “Even though the train did brake, it wasn’t until the crash when it reached a full stop.”

There was damage to the train’s nose and between the train’s first and second car.

Train recently passed inspection

Public Works Minister Inigo de la Serna, who visited the scene of the accident, said the train had passed its most recent inspection on July 18. He said officials are investigating data and equipment from the driver’s cabin to try to determine cause of the accident.

He said the 31-year-old driver has eight years of service on commuter trains.

The accident happened at 7.15 a.m. local time. The train had started at the coastal town of Sant Vicenç de Calders, south of Barcelona.


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