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Disney Institute – Professional Development Courses

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For 60 years, The Walt Disney Company has perfected the art of making people happy. And when it comes to understanding how we perfected that customer experience, well, we think we offer you the most amazing classroom in the world. With courses offered by Disney Institute, you’ll discover ways to positively impact your organization and the customers you serve as you’re immersed in leadership, service and employee engagement.

To help navigate the continuously changing landscape of today’s environment, we take context-neutral business truths that transcend industry and geography and tie them directly to where Disney has learned to be intentional.In a way only Disney Institute can provide, our “living laboratory” integrates your in-class exploration of Disney methodology with firsthand observation of how our business operates.

These timely and relevant opportunities bring our approach to life and inspire practical application back in your own environment.These experiences are offered in both one-day and multi-day durations. If you are looking for an inspirational introduction into the Disney approach within a specific subject area, our one-day courses are designed for you.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive and holistic immersion that can help you begin to make actionable adaptations within your organization, our multi-day courses are the ideal experience.

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