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How the snowstorm is affecting mass transit, travel

By Eyewitness News


A wicked nor’easter is battering the New York area, bringing snow and whipping winds, and bitterly cold temperatures are expected in its aftermath. Here’s how the storm is affecting public transportation and travel.

MTA subways and buses

Station crews are deployed to clear snow and to salt platforms, as well as station entrances, sidewalk vents, emergency exits and other transit operational and employee facilities. Mobile wash operations for stations and refuse trains are suspended during this time. Personnel have activated 500 track switch heaters, more than 1,600 third-rail heaters and lift-rail heaters systemwide. While the underground portions of the subway system are unaffected during snowstorms, nearly 220 miles of outdoor track throughout the boroughs are particularly vulnerable to snow and freezing precipitation, including portions of the A, S, N, 7, B, Q and 5 lines.

To combat ice buildup, non-passenger trains will continuously operate in outdoor tracks to help snow and ice accumulation. Trains are also deployed with ice-scraping shoes, and diesel trains will be activated as de-icers. Personnel will have access to 600,000 pounds of calcium chloride and 200,000 pounds of sand to melt snow and ice.

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