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Lean thinking: How to find value from your time as a fresher

By Steven Day


Undoubtedly the single most important concept I learnt in my university life was ‘lean thinking’. If you’re studying something engineering or management related, you will hear about it at some point. So the following will not only give you a head start on sweet academic catchwords, but you’ll also learn how to muddle through your first year at uni. And get something out of it. Sort of.

The truth really is that you’re now fully responsible for yourself and your time. You can do what you want, when you want, and nobody can or will tell you otherwise (pretty much). You could do nothing. You could acquire valuable networking skills at Wednesday POP. You could choose to focus on your studies and your grades. Or you could get involved in one (or several) of the societies. The university’s departments also provide opportunities for students to get stuck in to all sorts of activities. There are workshops, training courses, volunteering or part-time work opportunities, language classes… the list goes on and is overwhelming to say the least.

Some of you will start snugly and take a few weeks or months to adjust yourselves, not doing much aside from going to compulsory classes. Some of you will want to dive on in headfirst and just do all of the above. And have a relationship on the side probably. And how about working out a bit in the gym. Sleep would be nice too.

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