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My New Boss Doesn’t Want to Help Me

By J.T. O'Donnell / Founder and CEO, WorkItDaily.com

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My New Boss Refuses to Help Me

Employee POV: A month ago, my old boss of five years retired. He was replaced by an internal employee from another department. From the day the new guy took over, he has refused to help me. When I ask him a question, he gives me an annoyed look and says, “Really? You can’t find that answer for yourself?” After a couple of weeks, I got the message and just stopped asking. However, now it’s at the point where my work is suffering because there are things I need from him but I’m afraid to ask. I thought I was on a good career track here, but now I’m thinking it’s time I simplify my career goals and find a new employer.

Manager POV: When I took on my new role as manager of the department, the previous leader sat me down and outlined the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. In particular, he mentioned that one employee tends to be needy and that I’d be best served if I encouraged him to start figuring out things for himself. I’ve been pushing back as advised and it seems to be working. However, he’s also been a lot more quiet and moody, which I don’t appreciate. I’m thinking about sitting him down and explaining what was shared with me about his previous performance, but I’m not sure that will help. It might just be time for him to move on. I wouldn’t be too disappointed if he chose to leave. I know someone from my former department who would do a wonderful job in this role.

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