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OKLAHOMA CITY Reveals New Streetcar Maintenance Facility



When it’s finished, the Oklahoma City streetcar system will serve as a link between districts. From Bricktown to Midtown, its tracks will stretch 4.6 miles and make 22 stops along the way.

When the first streetcars arrive, which city officials said will be after the first of the year, operations will be in a building near SW 7th Street and Hudson Avenue.

Friday, workers put on the finishing touches of that 22,400-square-foot facility, paid for with MAPS 3 money.

“We have three main bays for the maintenance,” said David Todd with the City of Oklahoma City. “We have the first bay that is set up a lot like you’d see at a Jiffy Lube oil change place so that maintenance workers can get up underneath the car and work on the wheels, the brakes, the motors, those kinds of things.”

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