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RTD’s public transit fantasy is falling apart

By: Scott Weiser


The board of directors for the Denver Metro Regional Transportation District just cut the number of trains on the “underperforming” R and W light rail lines due to a lack of ridership. That’s no surprise to anyone who has looked critically at RTD’s public transit system, every part of which has been underperforming for decades.

Technological problems are plaguing the new University of Colorado A line from downtown Denver to DIA, resulting in the federal government requiring crossing guards with orange vests and hand-held stop signs to stand in the sun and snow 24/7 to control grade-level crossings where the automatic gates don’t work properly.

That sort of low-tech alternative hasn’t been needed since the late 1800s. The new wireless technology doesn’t work. But instead of junking the new-fangled system and installing time-tested train gate control technology used worldwide for more than 100 years, RTD continues to fiddle around with their new toys and annoy neighbors in what was supposed to be a “quite zone” where train horns were not required.

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