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Should Metro Adopt Distance-Based Fares?

By Joe Linton

From the east San Gabriel Valley, it's a lot cheaper to ride the Gold Line than to ride the parallel San Bernardino Metrolink Line. Distance-based fares could narrow this disparity. Image via Metro staff report

During last week’s Metro board deliberations on how to make the Foothill Gold Line and the Metrolink San Bernardino Line complement each other, one issue at stake was the large fare differential between the two systems. The Metro staff report details that Metro Gold Line riders pay $1.75 fare for similar service that Metrolink riders pay $7.75 for.

In discussions on this matter last week (item 21 – starting at minute 1:31), Metro boardmember John Fasana raised the broader issue of overall fare disparities:

…I could make a case for you right now – a factual case – that if you ride along the Harbor Transitway to Los Angeles, or if you ride from El Monte to Los Angeles, you’re paying more today than if you rode the Blue Line from Long Beach or the Gold Line from Azusa.

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