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Tier-II gears up for metro

By: Vinayak Chatterjee


Urban transport revolution set to sweep across India : Nearly 50 Tier II cities to soon have modern metro systems, as per govt blueprint

Metro plans on track for Tier II cities

The Centre is encouraging cities with populations more than 2 mn to develop mass transit systems, and over the next 3-5 years, Rs 2.83 lkh cr is to be invested in metro rails.

PowerGrid addressing concerns on grid-stability due to Renewables surging in & out.Implementing major project called Unified Realtime Dynamic

Powering grid management for renewable
Phasor measurement units will be installed in close to 1,800 locations along with a comm network to monitor power flow, voltage, etc, in real time, and improve grid reliability and meet the challenges of increased generation from renewables.

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