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Trapeze Group and Lyft Work Together to Transform American Paratransit Service



Trapeze Group and Lyft, the fastest growing on-demand transportation service in the U.S., are excited to announce they are working together to enhance demand response service, introducing a unique solution to unify public-private transportation in the U.S.

Currently, transit agencies use Trapeze’s transit enterprise solutions to manage and schedule paratransit service; however, by integrating with Lyft, transit agencies can also schedule paratransit rides on the Lyft platform through the Trapeze software.

This collaboration provides added value for transit agencies and passengers alike:

  • Transit agencies can use the Trapeze software to schedule rides on the Lyft platform well in advance of the trip date, letting them plan and inform riders earlier
  • Passengers can more easily identify their rides through the Trapeze software, which now provides information from Lyft’s new “amp” LED device that emits a color in the vehicle

Working Together to Decrease Paratransit Costs

Paratransit costs have been steadily increasing. When the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act came into effect in 1990, paratransit trips cost about $15. Today, that’s increased to as much as $45-70 per trip while paratransit funding has been decreasing. On average, paratransit service eats up about 8-10% of transit agencies’ operating budgets while only providing about 2-3% of their overall ridership.

The Lyft-Trapeze collaboration can help transit agencies decrease their paratransit costs so they can provide reliable, fast service to all their passengers, in a cost-efficient manner.

“At Lyft, our mission is to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation,” said Paul Davis, Transportation Partnerships Manager, Lyft. “We’re excited to work with Trapeze to help transit agencies expand the mobility options available to their paratransit passengers, providing riders across the country with a new, reliable option to get to where they need to go, faster.”

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