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Windsor Introduces Train Safety Ambassador


Windsor city councillor John Elliott introduces Cris Cross, the ambassador of the city's train safety campaign, at Children's Safety Village on August 4, 2017. Photo by Mark Brown/Blackburn News.

The city of Windsor is introducing a new ambassador as part of its new train safety campaign.

The new ambassador, Cris Cross, was named during the week-long All Wheels and Bike Safety Camp Friday at Children’s Safety Village. It is part of a two-year educational initiative with Transport Canada and the Windsor Police to raise awareness about railroad safety. The campaign is being funded by a grant from Transport Canada with the city matching funds.

The safety campaign will be used through various media, such as billboards, the city’s website, assorted marketing pieces and social media platforms. Cris Cross even stars in a video on railroad safety.

Windsor city councillor John Elliott pointed out that there are 75 railroad crossings in the city alone, and that unlike a car, it can take up to two kilometres for a train to make a complete stop.

“If you make the comparison of a car to a train,” says Elliott, “it’s like comparing a mouse to an elephant.”

Elliott also reminded the youngsters attending the bicycle camp that taking shortcuts along railroad tracks and across railroad property is not only unsafe, but also illegal. He says Ontario is leading in a category it would rather not lead.

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